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Learn about our journey of uniting, educating, and advocating for ADHD awareness and support in our local community
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Who We Are

Seattle CHADD is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources, education, and advocacy for individuals of all ages with ADHD. Our mission is to create a supportive community where individuals with ADHD can thrive and reach their full potential. We believe in promoting understanding, acceptance, and empowerment for those affected by ADHD.

Our mission is to provide support in a positive way for everyone with ADHD and those who care for them. We can all benefit from our collective wisdom and understanding.

A Community Dedicated to Support and Understanding

Connect with Others Who Understand the ADHD Journey

Seattle CHADD offers regular meetings where members can find a safe space to share experiences, support one another, offer advice, and feel a sense of belonging among a community who understands what it's like to live with ADHD.
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Access Valuable Resources and Expert Advice

Our community is dedicated to providing individuals with ADHD the tools they need to succeed. We're always sharing helpful books, websites, and even inviting professionals in the field to share expert advice and practical tips to the group.
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Offer Your Time to Make a Difference in the ADHD Community

Volunteering with Seattle CHADD allows you to contribute to the movement of supporting those with ADHD. Whether you're interested in organization, running meetings, fundraising, or more, your involvement will have a meaningful impact.
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Meet the Team

Get to know the passionate individuals behind Seattle CHADD, each bringing unique expertise and experiences to support the ADHD community. Our team is dedicated to creating a positive impact through their diverse roles and shared commitment.

Beth Bardeen

Director &
Jessica Hespelt

Jessica Hespelt

Co-coordinator &
Parents’ Support

Beth Bardeen

Director & Co-coordinator
Beth Bardeen’s front-row seat to a 60-year field-study of undiagnosed neurodiversity in three families and the tech workplace gives her a unique perspective. Growing up, her ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism weren’t just undetected, they were considered ‘normal’ family personality traits.
Away from home, Beth became an unwitting master in hiding her differences. After 30+ years as a Tech Industry executive and consultant, Beth was diagnosed with all three. Throughout her life she's felt the compound effects of missed support and admonishments to try harder. Now, Beth is an advocate for the newly diagnosed w/ADHD. She holds a BA in Management, Marketing and Organizational Behavior from the University of Puget Sound.
Jessica Hespelt

Jessica Hespelt, ACC, M.Ed.

Co-coordinator & Parents’ Support
Jessica Hespelt is the owner and founder of BrainBrakes. Originally conceived to help bridge the education gap in urban schools, it has since grown to serve individuals and families globally. Jessica’s vision is to transform BrainBrakes into a non-profit that creates access to executive functioning education, coaching, and training in schools & communities traditionally without access.
With over two decades of experience working with families, Jessica brings to the table a unique fusion of skills from her training as a certified professional ADHD coach, master educator, and clinical researcher. She has actively advocated for social change throughout her professional life. She was awarded the prestigious Woodrow Wilson and Hollyhock Fellowships for her commitment to equity and social justice in education. She now serves on the ADHD Coaches Organization Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee and is also the co-coordinator for Seattle CHADD.

As a first-generation student, an advocate, and a mother of a neurodiverse child, Jessica’s empathy and insight shine through in her work. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and board games with friends and family.

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